Beer paradise singapore

12 Aug

Singapore is a paradise for food. You can get all type of food all day.

There are food courts which are open 24 hrs

You can see people eating in food courts, restaurants, McDonalds, Starbucks and other international vendor place all the time.

You can also see Chinese uncles, Indian uncles taking beer in food courts whole night.

It would be strange to see some Chinese uncles drinking only one or two beers for 4 to 5 hours in food courts after 11 pm. They buy two beers with bucket of ice. Keep adding the ice to the beer mug and spend the whole night tasting the beer and talking to friends.

Mostly, the destination for drinking beer in Singapore is the Open Food Courts. Many of these food courts are open 24 hrs a day.

That too, during the weekends, it will be like festival. Lot of people will be drinking beer with their friends, young to old.

In food courts, there will be beer girls/ladies serving beer. Each beer brand have its own girl servicing. But these girls service only till 11 pm.

If food court beer is mostly for uncles, the younger people prefer drinking along the sea. In Singapore, there are beaches( not exactly ). There is ECP, Pasir Ris beach and some reservoirs like bedok reservoir. These places are the beer destinations for younger people. The younger people may be Singapore college going guys, IT Guys.

The best beer destination in Singapore is

The Little India

During weekends you can see lots and lots of people roaming in little India. Most of them are Indians and Bangladeshis. They form small groups and they find the place on the grass grounds. They sit on the ground forming a circle and drink beer till 12 am during the weekends. They talk about their work, family, girls etc etc., Most of the time they end the party with quarrel and small fight. But, the same group will come to the same spot, the following week. These people are mostly workers who are from India and Bangladesh. Their salary is very less. They travel to their country once in a year or two. I personally feel this has to be the best way to drink beer.

Drink beer!!


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