Indian Epics with modern day inventions

19 Jul

I used to wonder to hear the Indian epic stories during my childhood. Those stories were so good with heroism and wisdom.

The two great epics from India are


These two epics have lots and lots of modern day scientific inventions in it. I am just trying to recollect some of the items/ machinery/vehicles/tools that were described in these epics.

Pushpaka Vimanam
In Ramayana, the villain of the epic(Ravana) is said to kidnap Sita(the heroine of the epic). He is said to take her from the southern part of India to Sri Lanka using a vehicle called Pushpaka Vimanan. This nature of this vehicle is similar to that of the present day airplane.

And also the same pushpaka Vimanam is used by the hero of the epic(Rama) to bring back Sita from Sri Lanka to India after defeating Ravana in the war.

This is very interesting!!
In Mahabharata, we have a modern day medicinal technique called cloning.
Gandhaari is wife of Dridharashtra. Gandhaari is mother of 100 sons. The 100 sons are calle Kauravas. In the epic, it is mentioned that, the womb of Gandhaari was divided in to 100 different parts and each part was developed to a infant in some pot. The concept is similar to what we call Cloning today.

Nuclear Weapons
In both Ramayana and Mahabharata, there are description of lot of weapons. These weapons were described in detail and each of these weapons have their own names. Even the arrows are classified according to their powers. Some used to say that even today, in Kurukshetra(WAR FIELD: MAHABHARATA) the nuclear radiation levels are comparitively higher that other places.

In Mahabharata, Krisha is genetically the son of Mrs. Devaki. But the womb was transferred to Mrs. Yashoda. This is very much related to Gestational Surrogacy in the modern medical terms.

More to follow>>

**Mrs is used on mythological characters to give the readers a hint on the gender.


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