Epilepsy and iron

12 Jul

Recently, I was travelling in a bus from Tampines to Yishun in singapore. The total travel time of the bus is about 25 mins with no traffic.

The bus was going in express way. All of a sudden, a person sitting next to me got FITS. His hands, legs and mouth were shivering, uncontrollably shaking. He fell down from his seat. All the passengers were watching without knowing what to do!!

Myself and some other Indian lady took our keys and gave it in his hands and after 10 seconds, the fits stopped. He was gaining his control.

Meanwhile, the bus captain called for ambulance. The bus was not stopped for all this time, as it was travelling in the express way.

Once it crossed the express way, the bus stopped and the ambulance came to take the person.

After reaching home, I checked the Internet about placing piece of iron material on the hands of a person affected from FITS. But I didn’t find anything in the Internet which support this idea. In India, we use to place keys or iron object in the hands of the person affected from FITS/Seizure(kaka valippu in Tamil) and the person will become normal in 10 to 15 seconds. But, scientifically there is no proof or evidence for this


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