30 Jun

Casino – A place to win money, lose money!!
But casino has more than that.

My recent visits to casino in Singapore – Marina bay sands, gave me lot of insights into casino

Casino is not only place to gamble but it has more dimensions.

Some of the things I notices in casino that are unbelievable for most of you are

1. Casino has lot of prostitutes roaming around to check who is winning and they trap them and take them to their bed!!

2. People who lost everything in casino come to casino every day to spend their time and the funny(sad) part to it is that, they get(beg) money from the winners.. A wellknown friend of mine earns 50 to 100 dollars in this way!!

3. Some people claim themselves to be good in a particular game and help people win money(really!!) and then they get tips from the winner.. They call this act as SHAALI MAAKAAN!!

4. Some people come to casino everyday to have free coffee and beverages. They some how take help from platinum card members to go to ruby room. In ruby room they get free beer, peanuts, sandwich and soft drinks…so cool

5. For some people, casino is the meeting spot. Friends from different countries meet in casino!!

To be continued…,


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