29 Nov

Most of us like to eat eggs. What we eat or get from the store is the unfertilized egg.

What is unfertilized egg?
Hen can start laying eggs from 18 to 20 weeks. Hen don’t need a rooster to lay egg. The egg laid by hen without a rooster’s help is called Unfertilized egg. The unfertilized egg don’t give chicks. They don’t even hatch!! So there is no life in an unfertilized egg – you can call an unfertilized egg as vegetarian!!

What is fertilized egg? When an rooster mates a hen and the egg produced as a result of that is called Fertlized egg, which will develop into chick!

You can differentiate between fertilized egg and unfertilized egg by process of CANDLING. In the candling process, the egg is put in front of certain light. The unfertilized egg yolk will be seen as a dark round thing. The fertilized egg will show some vein structure. The candling process is usually done after 3 days.
So what is a balut?
Balut is a fertilized egg(hen or duck), which has a nearly developed embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. The word “balut” is of Malay and Filipino origin, which means wrapped.
Balut is very famous in Philippines. Its sold as street food in Philippines. It is also famous in many parts of South Asia.
Balut can be prepared from the fertilized eggs from day 5 to day 21, each will have its own taste and texture. The fertilized egg is identified using the candling process. Although it’s a delicacy in some parts of Asia, most of people from other parts feel disgusting. Its like eating the foetus of the bird!!


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