hiSTORY of Delhi

28 Oct

hiSTORY of DELHI (Khandavaprastha >> IndraPrastha >> Delhi)
The history of Delhi starts from Mahabharatha period.
King Dhritarashtra gave a part of his kingdom to Pandavas. The place was a dry land, which was good for nothing, no water, very infertile with stones, thorns and wild animals in the forest. Lord Krishna helped Pandavas in levelling the ground and created a beautiful place and named it as IndraPrastha.
Yudhisthira was the first king of IndraPrastha (Delhi). Pandavas was the first to rule Delhi.
Pandavas were sent to forest after they lost in a game to Sakuni & Duryodhana.
Then Delhi came under Kaurava prince Duryodhana

In Kurushetra war, Pandavas defeated Kauravas and Yudhisthira became the king of Hastinapura and Arjuna stayed in Indraprastha(Delhi)
Yudhisthira and his successor of Kuru Vamsa ruled Delhi for 1,770 years, 11 months and 10 days.

Kshemaka (the last king of Kuru dynasty), was killed by his prime minister Vishwa and became the king of Delhi.

Vishwa and his successor rule Delhi for 500 years, 3 Month and 17 days
Veersaalsen was killed by his prime minister Veermaha.
Veermaha and his generations generations ruled Delhi for 445 years, 5 months and 3 days. The last king of Veermaha generation shifted the capital to Patna from Delhi.

269 BC to 232 BC Ashoka was the known king with historical evidences was an emperor and founder of Maurya dynasty. Delhi was under him.
736 AD Tomara Dynasty
1180 AD Chauhan Dynasty
1192 AD Mohammed Ghori from Afghanisthan defeated the Chauhan king Prithviraj Chauhan
1206 – 1290 AD Qutb-ud-din-Aybak founded Slave Dynasty
1290 – 1320 AD Kilji Dynasty
1321 – 1398 AD Thugluq Dynasty
1398 – Timur entered and ruined Delhi
1414 – 1451 AD Sayyid Dynasty
1451 – 1526 AD Lodhi Dynasty
1526 – 1857 AD Mughal Dynasty founder by Babur
—–1542 – Mughal Ruler Humayum was defeated by Sher Shah Suri
—–1556 – Mughal Dynasty again from Akbar
—–1739 – Mughal Army was defeated by Nader Shah
1857 AD – Capital was moved to Calcutta by the British and start of British Raj
1911 AD – Delhi was made capital of India again


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