23 Oct


(Statutory Warning : This article is not intended to support smoking habit)

Do you know the oldest person on earth so far…

Ignore the mythological characters…

Ignore the people who lived before 2000 years…

Ignore the people who lived before 1000 years…

Ignore the people who lived before 100 years…

Here is the great man who was smoking in this world before 12 years!!

Bir Narayan Chaudhuri, 141; Nepal’s Oldest Man

[1857 to April 24, 1998]

Bir Narayan Chaudhuri, 141, honored as Nepal’s oldest man. He could not make into Guinness Book of Records as he had no birth certificate or driving licence or other ID cards to prove his date of birth!!

Chaudhuri was a regular smoker

A cattle rancher, Chaudhuri lived on a regular diet of vegetables, pork and rice.

Neighbors in his village of Khanar, 125 miles east of Katmandu, said that Chaudhuri led the first land survey team in the area in 1888.

Nepal’s King Birendra recognized and honored him last year as the oldest man in the mountainous kingdom.

Guinness Record Holder : Jeanne Calment (122 Years)

[21 February 1875 – 4 August 1997]

Calment started smoking from the age of 21 till the age of 117.

She died 5 years after she stopped smoking!

Checkout the below for the smokers who lived looooooooooong


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