Beer paradise singapore

12 Aug

Singapore is a paradise for food. You can get all type of food all day.

There are food courts which are open 24 hrs

You can see people eating in food courts, restaurants, McDonalds, Starbucks and other international vendor place all the time.

You can also see Chinese uncles, Indian uncles taking beer in food courts whole night.

It would be strange to see some Chinese uncles drinking only one or two beers for 4 to 5 hours in food courts after 11 pm. They buy two beers with bucket of ice. Keep adding the ice to the beer mug and spend the whole night tasting the beer and talking to friends.

Mostly, the destination for drinking beer in Singapore is the Open Food Courts. Many of these food courts are open 24 hrs a day.

That too, during the weekends, it will be like festival. Lot of people will be drinking beer with their friends, young to old.

In food courts, there will be beer girls/ladies serving beer. Each beer brand have its own girl servicing. But these girls service only till 11 pm.

If food court beer is mostly for uncles, the younger people prefer drinking along the sea. In Singapore, there are beaches( not exactly ). There is ECP, Pasir Ris beach and some reservoirs like bedok reservoir. These places are the beer destinations for younger people. The younger people may be Singapore college going guys, IT Guys.

The best beer destination in Singapore is

The Little India

During weekends you can see lots and lots of people roaming in little India. Most of them are Indians and Bangladeshis. They form small groups and they find the place on the grass grounds. They sit on the ground forming a circle and drink beer till 12 am during the weekends. They talk about their work, family, girls etc etc., Most of the time they end the party with quarrel and small fight. But, the same group will come to the same spot, the following week. These people are mostly workers who are from India and Bangladesh. Their salary is very less. They travel to their country once in a year or two. I personally feel this has to be the best way to drink beer.

Drink beer!!


Indian Epics with modern day inventions

19 Jul

I used to wonder to hear the Indian epic stories during my childhood. Those stories were so good with heroism and wisdom.

The two great epics from India are


These two epics have lots and lots of modern day scientific inventions in it. I am just trying to recollect some of the items/ machinery/vehicles/tools that were described in these epics.

Pushpaka Vimanam
In Ramayana, the villain of the epic(Ravana) is said to kidnap Sita(the heroine of the epic). He is said to take her from the southern part of India to Sri Lanka using a vehicle called Pushpaka Vimanan. This nature of this vehicle is similar to that of the present day airplane.

And also the same pushpaka Vimanam is used by the hero of the epic(Rama) to bring back Sita from Sri Lanka to India after defeating Ravana in the war.

This is very interesting!!
In Mahabharata, we have a modern day medicinal technique called cloning.
Gandhaari is wife of Dridharashtra. Gandhaari is mother of 100 sons. The 100 sons are calle Kauravas. In the epic, it is mentioned that, the womb of Gandhaari was divided in to 100 different parts and each part was developed to a infant in some pot. The concept is similar to what we call Cloning today.

Nuclear Weapons
In both Ramayana and Mahabharata, there are description of lot of weapons. These weapons were described in detail and each of these weapons have their own names. Even the arrows are classified according to their powers. Some used to say that even today, in Kurukshetra(WAR FIELD: MAHABHARATA) the nuclear radiation levels are comparitively higher that other places.

In Mahabharata, Krisha is genetically the son of Mrs. Devaki. But the womb was transferred to Mrs. Yashoda. This is very much related to Gestational Surrogacy in the modern medical terms.

More to follow>>

**Mrs is used on mythological characters to give the readers a hint on the gender.

Epilepsy and iron

12 Jul

Recently, I was travelling in a bus from Tampines to Yishun in singapore. The total travel time of the bus is about 25 mins with no traffic.

The bus was going in express way. All of a sudden, a person sitting next to me got FITS. His hands, legs and mouth were shivering, uncontrollably shaking. He fell down from his seat. All the passengers were watching without knowing what to do!!

Myself and some other Indian lady took our keys and gave it in his hands and after 10 seconds, the fits stopped. He was gaining his control.

Meanwhile, the bus captain called for ambulance. The bus was not stopped for all this time, as it was travelling in the express way.

Once it crossed the express way, the bus stopped and the ambulance came to take the person.

After reaching home, I checked the Internet about placing piece of iron material on the hands of a person affected from FITS. But I didn’t find anything in the Internet which support this idea. In India, we use to place keys or iron object in the hands of the person affected from FITS/Seizure(kaka valippu in Tamil) and the person will become normal in 10 to 15 seconds. But, scientifically there is no proof or evidence for this


30 Jun

Casino – A place to win money, lose money!!
But casino has more than that.

My recent visits to casino in Singapore – Marina bay sands, gave me lot of insights into casino

Casino is not only place to gamble but it has more dimensions.

Some of the things I notices in casino that are unbelievable for most of you are

1. Casino has lot of prostitutes roaming around to check who is winning and they trap them and take them to their bed!!

2. People who lost everything in casino come to casino every day to spend their time and the funny(sad) part to it is that, they get(beg) money from the winners.. A wellknown friend of mine earns 50 to 100 dollars in this way!!

3. Some people claim themselves to be good in a particular game and help people win money(really!!) and then they get tips from the winner.. They call this act as SHAALI MAAKAAN!!

4. Some people come to casino everyday to have free coffee and beverages. They some how take help from platinum card members to go to ruby room. In ruby room they get free beer, peanuts, sandwich and soft drinks…so cool

5. For some people, casino is the meeting spot. Friends from different countries meet in casino!!

To be continued…,

Hell with money

28 Jun

What the hell!!
What the heck!!
What the f**k!!

Men gets frustrated more often these days. Just I was trying to find out the reason for this frustration and anger on himself and his fellow men and the so called god.

All the problems a man facing today can be easily linked to one entity.
That entity is deciding almost all the actions in our day to day life.
That entity can buy you happiness.
That entity can take your happiness away.

Entity that I am referring to is MONEY.

Just imagine!! All men will be equal if there is no money in the world!!
But that is practically not possible now.

In our place people use to sing like this..

No money no money
No honey no honey da

Very true!!

Plastic numbering..

18 Jun

Plastic numbering..

Have you ever noticed the bottom plastic bottles containing numbers engraved in a triangular border?
The number is called Resin Identification Code, which is used to identify the polymer type used to make the plastic bottle.
It was developed by Society of Plastics Industry(SPI in 1988.

There are totally 7 RIC numbers ranging from 1 to 7


#1 polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE)
Disposable soft drink and water bottles, cough-syrup bottles

#2 high density polyethylene (HDPE)/
Milk jugs, toys, liquid detergent bottles, shampoo bottles

#3 polyvinyl chloride (V or PVC)
Meat wrap, cooking oil bottles, plumbing pipes

#4 low density polyethylene (LDPE)
Cling wrap, grocery bags, sandwich bags

#5 polypropylene (PP)
Syrup bottles, yogurt cups/tubs, diapers

#6 polystyrene (PS)
Disposable coffee cups, clam-shell take-out containers

#7 other (misc.; usually polycarbonate, or PC, but also polylactide, or PLA, plastics made from renewable resources)
Baby bottles, some reusable water bottles, stain-resistant food-storage containers, medical storage containers

Plastic bottles ideal for reuse are : #2, #4, #5


22 Dec

Yesterday (21/12/2010), I happened to go to Arab Street in Singapore. I have heard about hookah smoking in that area. So I thought going for it!


Actually, in Singapore they call it SHISHA. The street parallel to Arab street was having large number of shops providng the SHISHA and beer. I just had a long walk in the street watching all the shops and finally decided to go to a shop. Myself and one of my friend ordered for Hookah(SHISHA) with Apple Flavour. It was so nice to inhale the smoke from SHISHA…it was like consuming Apple Juice in gaseous form!
We smoked for 1 hour which cost us 20 SGD.

Many people think that the hookah is from Arabia but the fact is that – the hookah smoking was introduced to the world from INDIA